Airaga follows structured health protocols for protection of the workplace in compliance with ministerial directives: the health and safety of our employees and visitors is paramount.

In agreement with the Government, on 14 March trade unions and companies signed a protocol, integrated on 24 April and confirmed by DPCM of 3 December, to protect the health and safety of workers from possible COVID-19 contagion and guarantee the healthiness of the work environment.

Many are the recommendations for companies and workers, including: information; access to workplace; workplace hygiene; common areas and travel; symptomatic cases; competent doctor and “workers’ safety representative” (RLS).



The 2020 edition of our General Catalogue is now ready for distribution. The official launch was scheduled for the 42nd edition of Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in March 2020, which was then postponed to 2022.

For an easier reference, the 2020 General Catalogue is broken down into six main sections, each with a variety of valves for specific use.

All products are represented with a reference code, a detailed description, pictures, and technical drawings. Dimensions and quantities are given per packaging, a useful tool for our customers.

Feel free to contact us to request your copy at:


The unexpected health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 worldwide has led organizers to cancel the 42nd edition of Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, originally scheduled for March 17-20 2020 and then postponed to September 8-11 2020.

The physical appointment with customers and international partners will not prevent Airaga from renewing and updating its production. In view of our impossibility to meet and present our new products in person, Airaga will reinforce relations with its partners from remote online.

The next exhibition is scheduled for 8-11 March 2022 while no date has been foreseen for the 2021 edition. Hopes are high on the new proposals for contemporary living and a true declaration of intent, “MCE, the essence of Comfort”.

(Ref: MCE 2022 website)

COVID-19: Our plant reopens on Monday 4 May

Airaga is glad to inform its customers that on Monday 4 May 2020 we will resume working at full capacity. 

Airaga had to stop all activities on 25 March 2020 according to ministerial decree of 22 March 2020 which provided the terms and conditions by which companies would stop their activities as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic spreading worldwide. 

Airaga stopped its production as it did not fulfil the requirements legally necessary to keep working physically at our premises. All activities connected thereto had also stopped, including deliveries by suppliers and raw material producers.

This was no doubt an exceptional interruption in our professional history. 

Being able to return to work, although under strict health protocols and organization rules, gives us hope and we believe this will be the first step to overcome the pandemic and get back to normal.