The OEM Market

Valves made to measure for our customers' needs

With 60-year long experience in the production of plumbing components, Airaga has won the trust of the national and international markets through the skills shown in its work.

The entire valve production cycle is carried out in house, from design to manufacturing, and our know-how enables us to satisfy any customization demand which reflects the modern market, the so-called OEM “Original Equipment Manufacturer”.



A business model relying on the entire company

Airaga has developed a true business model that provides a customer-oriented approach to the actual feasibility of a bespoke product satisfying its specific needs in full.

This process involves all departments of the company, from R&D to Quality Control, the Production Department and the Shipping Warehouse. This widens our offer with special products, tailor-made items and dedicated valves with specific functions, some of which have been patented for the international market.


Cutting-edge software for design and prototyping

The new design technologies, with sophisticated CAD software that allows to perform fluid dynamic simulations and machine that ensure advanced levels of prototyping, enable us to present our customer with a functional actual-size prototype in plastic or metal. The sample is an almost faithful reproduction of the final product, both from an aesthetic and mechanical standpoint.

This represents a great competitive advantage and enables us to obtain samples in very short times, not simply on paper but also with an assessable product with the same characteristics of the final item.


Time to market

Professional skills and technology at the service of customer satisfaction

The value and experience of the business teams in charge of every phase of new projects and regular investments in cutting-edge machinery are key to reduce the time to market.

The real challenge faced by Airaga every day is to achieve full customer satisfaction. 

Just as for OEM production, optimization of the time to market for tailor-made products allows Airaga not only to be competitive but also to consolidate its reputation and reliability.