A lifetime family tradition

Established in 1956, today Airaga is an international business dedicated to the production of ball valves and plumbing components. The company led by Gianni Airaga, the founder's son, is based in Gozzano (Novara) with its production plant.

With a rich catalogue dedicated to wholesalers and an OEM division, Airaga covers any market need with innovative products made with cutting-edge technologies by a highly trained and skilled team, a guarantee of certified quality.

Our team

Human resources as a competitive lead

Our team's strength is made by the value of every single individual sharing a goal. We know that the ability to listen and communicate are key for Airaga to have a competitive lead day by day, a skill essential to our success.

It all comes down to our people: expertise, know-how, flexibility, training and, last but not least, teamwork.


I firmly believe that making high quality products is key to become market leaders…
values such as cooperation and teamwork are essential in achieving this goal, today more than ever.

Giovanni Airaga
CEO Airaga Rubinetterie


Undiscussed quality and certified valves

Airaga works in line with the requirements of a Quality Management System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and an Environmental Management System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015: “Project and production of standard and special valves for civil and industrial use and for isolation and regulation of fluids and relative equipment, through the processes of mechanical working, water washing of metal parts and assembly”.

Airaga has always invested in R&D and its products are made to meet the standards required by the most important Italian and international regulations.

Our goal is to provide the market with innovative products made with cutting-edge technologies, a guarantee of certified and controlled quality.