Our story

We set our path as a hard-working family through commitment and passion.

  • 1956
  • 1960
  • 1968
  • 1975
  • 1981
  • 1985
  • 1992
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 2005
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 1956 – The beginnings

    Our company is established in Zuccaro, in the Valsesia area, on the hills of the Lake of Orta. These are the first years of the economic boom.

    Quinto Airaga returns from France after getting in touch with Reverend Dante, his brother and priest of the village parish, who becomes aware of Giuseppe Negri’s intention to start a new business. Quinto and Giuseppe found Negri e Airaga snc, a small workshop specialized in the machining of bronze strainers and gate valves.

  • 1960 – Development within the district

    There is no shortage of work and the business begins to take off. The firm stands in the heart of the most important Italian district for raw faucets and its workers’ skills are the result of a production network that has been casting bronze since the XIX century to produce bells.

  • 1968 – The business growth

    Soon the workshop becomes more structured and turns into a small growing company.
    New workers are hired, and the first semi-automatic machines are purchased to increase the production.

  • 1975 – The ball valve

    The production of ball valves starts a true revolution for the sector. The new products enable the business to find new customers, in Italy and abroad, first in France, then in Spain and Germany.

  • 1981 – Airaga S.p.A.

    The Airaga family acquires majority of the firm shares and the company turns into Airaga Rubinetterie S.p.A.. The long-time and trusted workers continue to work for the company.

  • 1985 – The founder’s death

    Quinto Airaga passes prematurely away and his 20-year old son Giovanni Airaga, a promising golf player who has just joined the company, takes on the responsibility of managing his father’s business.

    “I learned so much from the people who stood by my side in the early days, but most of all I will never stop thanking my father for handing me down his passion for this profession.”

  • 1992 – A new opportunity, OEM

    Thanks to its far-sighted vision, Airaga offers concrete answers in terms of “customized and tailor made” valves. This is an alternative strategy to the traditional market which, in the ’90s is beginning to suffer the Far East competition.

  • 1995 – The Airaga family acquires full ownership of the company

    The Airaga family acquires 100% of the company’s shares and commits to give a boost to the brand and win new markets.

  • 1996 – A news shipping warehouse

    Important investments in new machineries call for larger spaces in the Zuccaro plant which has reached its maximum capacity by now. The shipping warehouse moves to Gozzano (province of Novara).

  • 1997 – Certification acknowledged for the company and its products

    Airaga is issued the ISO 9001 quality certification and its valves as well are certified by the most important international organizations, including the prestigious British Gas.

  • 2005 – Moving to Gozzano

    Expansion is under way and the firm becomes more and more independent in sourcing components. This calls for more space to accommodate modern machinery and support the entire production chain.

    Airaga moves the whole plant to Gozzano.

  • 2012 – A new photovoltaic (PV) system to produce energy

    A new expansion is carried by adding 2850 square meters, with a total surface of 7016 square meters.
    A photovoltaic system (PV) is installed on the roof of the entire plant (installed power 560 kWp) to generate almost the full demand of electric energy of the production departments.

  • 2013 – Training

    Airaga increasingly invests in people, aware that they represent the company’s most important asset.
    The entire staff, from managers to office clerks and workers, follow a training path according to methods and goals in line with the most innovative business management systems.

  • 2018 – The new service building

    The plant undergoes another expansion by adding a new building designed with the wellness of Airaga’s staff in mind. Modern and bright, it covers more than 350 square meters with large locker rooms and service areas, a medical room fully equipped, the canteen and a dedicated wellness area.

  • 2020 – The new challenges of 4.0 industry

    Bold and foresighted, Airaga continues investing in automatic machinery in a time of global crisis caused by an unexpected health emergency.
    Thanks to an organization set-up according to the 4.0 industry protocols, Airaga is ready to face the new challenges that await after the Covid-19 pandemic.